20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

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Re: 20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

Caerolle wrote:

My comparison was on-screen only, and yes, I did look at them at 100% (blushes). However, the 6D pics looked better even not zoomed. They actually looked smoother and less digital. Really, really beautiful. Print might smooth images from both cameras such that they look the same.

As many others have posted in this thread, it was not the resolution that was better, it was the noise and smoothness of the image. In fact (also as pointed out), the detail was sharper from my Fuji.

I am sure that your D800 would out-resolve the 6D, but I am not as sure the pics would have the same look I saw.

Of course, it may just all be in my head, what I see isn't really something I can quantify. However, I was ready to not be impressed with the 6D results. SLRs and I don't mix well, I usually see smearing unless I use live view (I think I must shake the camera when the mirror flips, and that may be why the resolution wasn't that impressive), so I was ready not be impressed, but instead went OH.MYGOD!

Hope this helps!

That's what I wondered.  As I used to see no noise in my 7D prints at even 20x30, I don't think noise is really an issue between cameras in output.

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