D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

If D610 has the same sensor of D600 minus oil leaking (that is from shutter box from what I read)? If yes, then from tons of comparison we have seen so far between D600 and 5DIII, D600 IQ is not much better. I don't see 'ugly' noises from my 5DIII files. Right exposure is the key that I expose on mid-tone or many times even a bit of overexposure (so-called ETTR). You can call biased but I prefer Canon colors and skin tone from what I have seen. You can see many my 5D3 files in the links below. It also depends on what lenses you use. I use some best lenses in industry such as 24-70L II and 70-200L II that both are better than Nikon's counterparts, and actually 5DIII with these two f/2.8 zoom is sharper than D600 (D610 should the same) with respective lenses, as confirmed in DXO system test. 5DIII otherwise shoot a bit faster with noticeably deeper buffer depth and clean buffer much faster (with 1000X CF card) that is critical in sports, wildlife, airshow/motorsport etc action photos. Its build quality and gripping are (much) better than D610/D600 as said by many. By this sense, D610/D600 is not at the same level of 5DIII.

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