"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"

I have a Nikon D600 and the Tamron 24-70 f 2.8 lens, I wanted a smaller lighter camera to use when I didn't want to carry my big combo around so I got the XE1. I have been using the Fuji over the past 2 weeks and I'm amazed how good this little camera is, the image quality of the OOC Jpegs are equal if not better than my D600 which I shoot in Raw and process in CNX2.

I won't be selling my D600 but I'm finding that I keep reaching for the XE1 more than the Nikon when I go out for a quick shoot and I don't have to spend valuable time editing RAW files.

I have had problems with the D600 mainly Oil/Dust on the sensor which I have learnt to clean myself also the camera will lock-up at times and it takes me a few attempts to get it to fire again. The Tamron lens I got had problems with the focus and needed to be re-calibrated and it still is a bit soft on the RHS. When you pay over $3500 for camera gear you expect to have good reliable gear but somehow quality control at Nikon and Tamron doesn't cut it.

The little Fuji XE1 and the 18-55mm lens cost me only $950 and everything works as it should, it's beautifully made and the lens is much sharper than the Tamron. There is certain things I don't like about the operation and the menu system of the Fuji but it never stops me from getting a good quality shot and for the price when compared to my Nikon combo makes you wonder why FX cameras and lenses are so expensive.

Here's a couple of example shots I did for myself today using the XE1 and the Nikon, the Nikon photo was shot in RAW the Fuji OOC Jpeg

OOC Jpeg Fuji XE1

D600 Edited in CNX2 and White Balance Changed

Nikon D600 Raw conversion in CNX2 with white balance as shot

OOC Jpeg Fuji XE1

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