What if you had $5000?

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Darrell - I don't know if I'd use it for weddings.

Like I said I don't have access to one...though everything I hear is that the focusing is pretty good with the legacy 4/3rds lens and I haven't even seen a thread with complaints of mis-focusing with micro 4/3rds lens.  If someone has seen one please post the link in a reply.

So my main concern would be with the flash system...though as I recall using the FL50R's with the E3 was pretty mindless since I chimp and use them in manual.

I pretty much follow this with the Nikon set up too though with the Nikon I have some Pocket Wizard TT5's so I don't have to worry about line of direction or anything like that...put the flashes where you want them and put the camera anywhere you want them too!

Not like I do a lot of weddings though these days.


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