Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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But it's not priced so high...

But UK prices aside, the price of the Df is not all that high when you think about it. The D800 was priced at $2995 on release, a full $500 less than it's nearest competitor the Canon EOS 5D Mk III. Most people considered the D800 a steal compared to the competition and a great price for the first 36 mp FF DSLR. Then the D600 was released in the new category of "Entry Level" FF at $1995. But Nikon did such a good job not only with fair pricing, they made it quite feature rich with high specs like a 24 mp sensor, 100% VF, but with a less robust casing to cut costs.

Fast forward to the Df, which doesn't include video (of no importance to some, and a missing feature to others) but uses the remarkably sensitive 16 mp sensor from the top of the line D4. And the unlike the D600/D610 which uses more plastics, the Df has a stylish casing with more robust almost completely magnesium alloy shell with O-ring seals around every dial and button. And the Df made some improvements like an improved LiveView implementation, a new high tech bubble level, a sophisticated implementation of AI coupling and metering with even pre-AI lenses, and AF-ON button, etc. And Nikon priced the Df at $2745, between the price of the D600 and D800.

Expensive? In the US and regions other than the UK I'd argue not really. The reason? If we all agree that the D800 was offered at an extremely competitive price vs competitors, and that the D600 was offered at an unprecedented low-price for a FF for just under $2000, how can we then say the Nikon Df is too expensive?

You might say that compared to the D800 the Df at only $250 less is a bit on the high side. You also might reason that in relation to the D600/D610 the Df at $750 more is a bit on the high side. But if we agree that the D800 and D610 were both reasonably priced, I don't know how we can say that the Df judged on it's own merits is "too expensive".

R&D cost, the D4 sensor, an AF-ON button (one of the biggest missing features on the D600), improved LiveView implementation with new firmware, beautifully designed knurled metal exposure dials, "Made in Japan" build quality, AI coupling lever, improved VF with pro-style round eye cup, etc. the Df is a solid offering at a fair price.

Heck my X-Pro1 kit was over $2300 and it's an APS-C mirrorless. So no I don't consider a far nicer Df kit to be "priced too high". Especially considering how low the D800 and D600 were priced relative to the rest of the market.

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