The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: Without using it, who knows how close or not close Nikon came

marike6 wrote:

Since it appears to not fully cater to the retro niche and doesn't fully cater to the modern niche, I think it clearly falls into a worst of both worlds niche so I would say, no,

on the other hand if it had 8 fps with the 51 point af, (the mythical d700 replacement) better manual focus aid and a little more logical lineup on top of the camera (a worthy camera for old and new manual focus lenses) then yes, and they could have sold it for $3500

So perhaps the Df is not for you. That doesn't make the implementation bad or poorly thoughout. It makes it an implementation designed to appeal to as many Nikon users as possible, a camera that is equally at home with AF lenses as it is with MF lenses.

with all due respect to Bjorn who is the only person who has said that manual focus is better, there really doesn't seem to be any advantage for manual focus with the Df that doesn't exist already

A design intended to combine elements that appeal modern AF Nikon shooters longing for the superb low-light performance of the D4 sensor at a fraction of the D4 cost. And one also intended to appeal to users who prefer a slower, more methodical, traditional approach to photography and that also offers full compatability with pretty much all F-mount lenses ever made.

you can shoot slow and methodically with any of the nikon dslrs

astonishing enough, pre ai lenses mount quite nicely to the d5300 all the way bsck to the d40. In fact the d40 would mount practically any f mount lens

Early user reports by Nikon experts like Bjorn Rorslett are that the viewfinder is significantly easier for manually focussing than the D800.

simply no better than a d800

I'm not sure why users here who haven't seen or shot with the Df are writing it off as a poor implementation, but I suspect if the price had been an impossibly low $2000, those users would have been far less in number.

i suspect outside of a vocal minority on this website, there will be few that want to spend $2750 for a camera, let alone $3000 for the d800 and then the Df, and for gosh sake, have you seen the price in Europe?

no at  $1750 this would have sold more as it would have at $3500 if they would added more features

of course we can disagree

as built it is a camera that doesn't really officer any compelling features beyond the d800 and d600, and the price is a bit much just to get what is essentially a d600 with the d4 sensor

Compelling features?

  • It offers the D4 sensor with its large 7.3μm pixel pitch
  • smaller, more manageable files more appropriate for high volume shooters much like the D700.

why not buy a d3 or d3s, those would be even better!

  • Better build quality and less generic, more unique design

better than what? It appears to be much like a d600

  • smallest, lightest FF DSLR on the market

yeah that heavy 6d is 10 grams heavier.... D610 is 50 grams heavier

of course there is the sony a7, but obviously not a slr

  • It offers a dedicated AF-ON button, one of the number one complaints of D600 owners

and the d800?

  • From the Camera Store and Bjorn Rorlsett preview, it apparently offers the best, most modern LiveView implementation of any Nikon DSLR
  • it offers a totally different philosophy than a typical DSLR like the D600 in the form of mechanical exposure dials

aperture? use the thumb wheel , shutter speed? Since the dial is in full stops, probably lock it at 1/3 stop and use the thumbwheel. exposure And ISO? Surely a different strategy, but really no different than pushing a button, thumbing a wheel and watching the top lcd

it appears to me nikon went out of there way to make the interface and usage as close to the d800 as possible - I suspect that is how it will be used

  • Better battery life
  • Quieter shutter than both D600 and D800

To each his own. I think it looks like it's going to be a great camera and I will buy one for sure. Since I already have a D800, the D610 is not so interesting to me. YMMV.

Excited you will buy one i am sure it will take great images

It looks like a fun camera

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