"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: Agree with OP - Me, too

I really like my Fuji equipment.  Being an old guy, I love the analog interface with the camera because that's what I used for decades.  I love the IQ of the camera/lens combos.  When I do my part correctly, the Fuji equipment will produce stunning images.  I love that its relatively light and compact for the IQ it produces.

However, it cannot do all of the things my Canon DSLR system can do - for me especially shooting fast-moving subjects under difficult lighting conditions.  It is very rare that I use the DSLR stuff anymore - months go by while it gathers dust, but now and then I run into a situation when I drag it out and put up with the weight and bulk to capture images I could not otherwise.  Maybe the vaunted and mysterious XP-2 will have all of those capabilities - I sure hope so, but I'm not holding my breath.  In the meantime, the Canon bodies and glass don't eat anything while they wait, very quietly and patiently, to be used.

At the risk of being too direct, I think this issue is strictly a money issue.  If you can easily afford to keep the DSLR equipment AND acquire Fuji X-System equipment, why not?  Best of both worlds.  If money is a concern, then put your bux into the system that you use most - for me that would be the Fuji, just now.

I must admit that I have cast more than a few longing glances lately at the new Nikon Dwith its analog dials and D4 sensor, so maybe the Fuji stuff will have some new neighbors and the Canon stuff will then move on down the road as it would then be completely duplicative.  The big, heavy Nikon equipment would also be good for throwing at bears.

Oh well, it's all fun and dirt cheap compared to my other two personality flaws - an unfortunate passion for "fine" guns and fast open two-seaters.


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