HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: yours is a cowardly cheap shot, not an apology

I am not doubting your photography skills even if you are doubting mine. I like your photos. Argument is not over photography style or CC. I am questioning your point that your d800 has failed to live up to your standard for a travel camera and that a DF is nothing beyond an impulse emotional purchase. I already showed you PER NIKON SPECS the DF is similar in size to the D800 and that a lot of cameras fit into travel category and dont cost $2700. What you pay for in a DF is nostalgia and vanity. I would hope you could see why people are turned off by how a product can be released based on looks and vanity and said product is a turn off to some of us. Just say "I can afford it and I want it because it looks cool". Nothing wrong with that. People buy things everyday based on looks and not function. You wont win an argument based upon price and value. You can win on looks and vanity. Surely a travel camera can be had for much less but wont look as cool right?

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