Sigma DP1M vs. Ricoh GR

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Re: Sigma DP1M vs. Ricoh GR

What matters the most is what works out best for you !!!

but for your kind of shooting (these samples) , i see no need for a ricoh at all...

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Nothing beats the Sigma files, but the Ricoh is easier to use. If I needed to choose one Sigma and one small camera for snap-shot's etc. I would choose Ricoh GR and DP2M. And if I needed to choose between GR and DP1M... I don't know. Probably the GR because of all the great features and the IQ is not bad at all, the DP1M is just better at that.

A GR body and features with Foveon sensor would rock!

In-cam X3F development, snap-focus, AEL follows the AF point, 300-1/4000sec. shutterspeed, auto 2 stop ND filter, custom menues/buttons, great LCD and great JPG/effects options.

Sigma DPxM is better at MF, the MF on GR sucks.

RAW files with default settings in SPP and ACR 7.1

Both shot's is with the GW-3 0,75x wideangle converter. AF point is on the fish logo.

The Sigma have the best looking files, Ricoh's dng files need some work.

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To understand photography, you must understand that the experience must be much more important than the result ....
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