20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

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Crop is only more detailed if the reference is the crop

If the reference point is the actual crop, say 80mm from a 50mm prime, than what is in that 80mm FOV is more detailed because 20MP APS-C crop is like a 50MP FF sensor.

If the reference is to say compare a 50mm 1.8 on APS-C to an 85mm on FF and equalize on DOF...the FF is going to *kill* the APS-C sensor (especially because the APS-C camera is using EF lenses in the first place and Canon and Nikon are both lackluster in creating crop only primes!)

Some crop only primes that are pretty superb, the latest 22mm pancake for EOS-M would be one. Who knows that one may get pretty damn close to the older 35mm f2.0 on FF!

Usually APS-C systems where the majority of lenses are built for FF systems will suffer a lens quality hit. MFT, the EOS-M 22mm, etc are examples of lenses *built* for the system without regards to FF compatibility. Lenses for MFT or the 22mm prime are examples for which you should not need to stop down to be usable...in fact some MFT primes already peak at wide open.  20mm 1.7 is an example (but IMO the Canon 22mm pancake goes head to head with it since the 4:3 aspect ratio makes it easier to design optics for).

Forgot to mention the Sigma 18-35 1.8 is a zoom dedicated to APS-C format, and therefore may also give surprisingly good results albeit arguably a limited focal length. A length limited enough to really be considered more like a prime with a touch of zoom.

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