HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: yours is a cowardly cheap shot, not an apology

You are entertaining. Are you speaking to me or about me to others? I am going to guess you are speaking to the voices that occupy your head. You said the reason you wanted the DF was for travel. Well travel photos are not professional grade requirement photos and if you plan to be shooting professional travel photos, the D800 (which you own) is plenty good up to iso 6400 and if it is not video that you shoot, most software could adjust for that minimal variance in a d800 vs DF file. Also the new soon to release sony is smaller and offers a valid option for "travel" photos. Professional photographers have been making wonderful images with lower quality gear of caves and all sorts of places before a DF came along. The DF is a product geared to the wealthy that dont mind paying the money to have the cool toy or feelings of nostalgia. A lot of capable cameras for much less and much more compact do exist. You can try to rationalize your purchase but I cant help but wonder what part vanity plays into the marketing and target audience of the DF. Dont get mad that people think the DF is overpriced for what it is. Time will show that very little exists in the end product.

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