HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: yours is a cowardly cheap shot, not an apology

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Yay another DF thread from you. I was wondering if you still planned to get a DF? I figured I can check this forum to see an UPDATE as to where you stood on the topic.

Challenging people as to why they dont post photos is naive on your part. The internet is a vast place where people attack others and just maybe not all of us want our business or portfolio to become a part of such attacks or to show up during a search. You do know that people research a business right? All I need is my wedding photography business to be linked to these debates or for a psycho to start a online attack against me based upon my debate over a piece of equipment. I also dont feel that a client would like to see me using an image in such a manner. My contract specifically states that I may use the photos for self promotion, my website or as samples for future clients. Not to be used in a forum setting for critique or to win your approval of my abilities.

Would you sleep better to know that my gear list is current? I guess one could not falsify that information right? Will you be requiring proof of purchase of said equipment?

Your obsession with this camera is actually disturbing. You have an unhealthy way of getting all worked up like you have a dog in the race. It is a camera. Get over it. It will be outdated before you even get to use it to the full potential. You like it? great buy it. Actually buy two since money is no object to you right? You have a boat and enough money to fill it. This camera is a vanity purchase for the majority of people despite what you think or are willing to admit. You have extra money, lots of anger, keyboard and a unfortunately a Dpreview login. Tell us when to expect your next DF post/thread?

Hey, look, it's EXACTLY the type I was referring to.

Nikonfan99 told me I don't shoot any high ISO photos, so I posted one from a location scout job:

This is 0.7 above 6400 BTW, but never mind. Nikonfan99 somehow got the notion that it's a still from captured VIDEO!

Well, let's get beyond that and examine the myopic behavior up close. Nikonfan99 admits that the Df may be better at certain things, but insists that a D610 or D800 is good enough for everyone.

And if you suggest that you might like to shoot a low-light high ISO set of photos he'll swear the D600 is fine. How dare you want anything better by ANY margin?!!!

And how dare you want smaller files, smaller camera, manual dials, better VF and a 2nd body that adds to your kit?! Nikonfan99 doesn't seem to know that people pay for even smaller differences in lenses!

BTW, he's the guy who HOPED that the price of the Df would keep hipsters from buying it!!!!!!

This is the mentality that I'm lampooning and he obviously cannot handle it. Even if I NEVER shot above ISO 400, the Df is STILL an appealing camera for the reasons I outlined. But when you're dealing with people who don't shoot and base their lives on DXO, this is what you get!

PS: Check Nikonfan99' gear list and gallery! EXACTLY who this thread is aimed at.



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