What if you had $5000?

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Try on a more modest scale before spending that much?

I've been looking at D700's over the last several months, the D800 pushed the D700 prices way down. Still, you're looking at close to a couple of grand to get one and at least one really excellent lens. While the D700 prices have dropped, good glass for it is as expensive as it always was, because that glass also works on the D800. Another consideration: the majority of D700s out there have seen a lot of usage. You may have to look to find a clean, low clicks one. It's a robust platform, though not quite D3-D4 high clicks construction.

Or, if you want to go the Canon route, the 5DII is a lot of bang for the buck right now. I saw a NIB 5DII marked down to $1600 at a best buy not too long ago. But, it's probably $800-1k to get at least one really good fast L zoom to go with it.

In both cases, you can get into them plus one good lens for around $2k-2500 and see if you're getting what you want. And get back out for not too much of a loss if they're not.

Another option is to get an EM1 and see what it can do with your HG and SHG glass. If it doesn't perform to expectations, you can sell it quickly at maybe a $200 loss right now.  Best to do that before you sell the bulk of your 4/3 lenses, not after. You might end up wanting them back.

If I had $5k to spend on a new system? I'd probably buy a 12-40 for my EM5, and spend the rest on a trip somewhere very interesting to try the combination out.

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