"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"
Unless you are strapped for cash and REALLY can only afford to keep one system, why would you give up all the opportunities lost by shooting a mirrorless camera only?

Simple: Because some people feel more constrained by several systems than they would benefit by the expanded possibilities.

There is a not very new observation that says that limitation does unleash creativity (more than any additional "features"). I am not a working pro (like most here) but I have certainly experienced this many times.

Plus: Not to forget my main argument for the Fujis: Colour. I tried virtually every converter and custom profiles with my Canons, Nikons, it brought them not on the same level as a Fuji gets easily. For me colour tends to be more important than detail and other technical stuff.

I do not want several systems anymore which is why I am about to sell everything but the stuff that brings too little money (like my old S3pro) and just build my X system.


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