A7r vs 5D3 vs D800 WOW!

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Re: No. I do not.

DenWil wrote:

Red G8R wrote:

You have to give credit to Sony for putting such a quality sensor in a compact, mirrorless, interchangeable lens body. That gets my interest and support.

Mine too.


I am not a crippled old man

Aside from sounding mean-spirited, as another poster noted, I'm sure that's just a matter of time for all of us here (at least the men).

or someone skulking through crowds sneaking images. I would far rather have a camera -say Mamiya 7 size - that I can actually grab onto, rather than be offered over and over the finger tip grips of the Sony or the new Nikon Df.

I would love a digital Mamiya 7 -- if it had a sensor the size of the M7's film gate. Or even a back, if it were compact, affordable and fit on my 2x3 Super Technika (not holding my breath, mind). Something the size of a Mamiya 7 with a 24x36 sensor is ... distinctly unappealing to me.

The obsession with small and light amongst full grown adults continually mystifies me.

Lucky for you then that there are excellent large 24x36-format DSLRs already out there -- D3x, D4, 1Dx. It's great that there are a number to choose from. What mystifies me is why smaller options are derided as a bad thing, and why the people who want them are "crippled old men" (as if there were something wrong with that) or street skulkers. Choice is good.

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