What if you had $5000?

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Re: What if you had $5000?

Darrell500 wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

Darrell500 wrote:

Just for fun if you had $5,000.00 to put into camera gear for semi pro work, such as weddings, concerts, studio portraits, fashion and seniors, which gear would you buy?

Don't know what SHG lenses you have. So lets not consider them at all for the moment.. Sell all the other stuff.

Buy an E-M1 ($1400) and the 12-40/2.8 ($700 while the rebate is on, $900 otherwise). If you prefer primes over zooms as I do, pick a wide, a normal, and a portrait tele (my choice at present is Panasonic 14/2.5 ($200, Summilux 25/1.4 ($550), Macro-Elmarit 45/2.8 ($700)). Add the HLD-7, and a couple spare batteries.

And go to work with about $2000 left in the bank.

I don't know what your concern is. Why not just sell off what you don't want, buy an E-M1 body, and keep going rather than switching systems and spending lots more money?

This is just in fun and not intended to be an antagonist thread. As a matter of fact my current gear is pretty good.

I like your suggestions except I would like to just add the adapter and skip buying all new lenses. If I have to sell off everything and buy all new lenses, well that is really switching systems.

Not meaning to be antagonistic at all. It wasn't obvious that your question was in fun. My response and question was real.

What I'm finding is that despite having a few wonderful FourThirds lenses, I am wanting to update my kit with mFT prime lenses to work with the E-M1 as they are much smaller, lighter, handier. I consider the E-M1 a big advance over the E-5, which was a fine camera, in almost every way.

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