Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Take a reality pill!

Alpha Tech wrote:

The price is high due to company financials and flat out corporate greed. Did you read the recent financial report from Nikon? It was not exactly upbeat. If anything it means a possible continued decline for DSLRs. New models are priced higher so that development can continue with similar life cycle as in the past.

Then there is the second factor -- greed. The new Nikon management does not accept its own mistakes. It passes them on to the customers. The loss on all the D600 cameras and the redesign of a new model had to be paid for. Nikon is dumping the cost on the group most willing to pay for it, the Df customers. If they had simply priced the D610 higher than the D600, sales would have had too much decline worldwide. The end result is Df customers get screwed for Nikon's mistakes.

First, the Df will not reverse the downward financial spiral Nikon is experiencing.  Df sales would never be enough, this was designed to be a niche camera.

Second, Nikon is a publicly traded company and all their financial records are public records for anyone to review.

Third, if Nikon was really gauging customers and making excessive profits people would be buying Nikon stock like it was Google's IPO when they went public.  A mutual fund outperforms Nikon stock.

Sadly, I think your viewpoint is like so many that are lost in a sea of ignorance because you have allowed your personal opinions to be shaped and formed by groups of people with agendas that pretend to be working on your behalf.

While it may be nice to think that some organization or party really cares about you and wants to set the record straight - they don't give a r@ts @ss about your wellbeing, just your support.

Money is not the root of all evil - the love of money is.

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