Ricoh GR owners. AF speed, Iso question. And rx100 comparison?

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Re: Ricoh GR owners. AF speed, Iso question. And rx100 comparison?

nico-foto wrote:

I have a question to Ricoh GR owners regarding AF speed and low light performance. In daylight, do you think it is fast enough for grabbing snap shots in the street? How does it perform at, say, iso 1600? And finally...has anyone here had the chance to compare AF speed and IQ to the Sony RX100?

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I owned the RX100 before I sold it to upgrade to the GR. In daylight, the AF seemed to be about the same between the two cameras, but in low-light, the RX100 AF was noticeably faster than the GR's AF. If you're willing  to spend some time becoming familiar with the GR's snap-focus feature, then you'll never have to worry about focusing in low light

The GR's snap focus is a zone-focusing implementation, where you prefocus the camera for one of a number of specific (preset) distances, and if the subject is close to the prefocused distance it will be in focus, depending on your chosen aperture's DOF. Obviously, smaller apertures will give greater DOF, so more objects will be in focus. If you're not familiar with zone focusing, it may take some adjustment to get used to this feature, but once you're comfortable with it, you'll find it works very well, especially for street photography.

Even though the GR's AF is plenty fast enough for daylight photography, lately, I'm finding myself using snap focus most of the time for street photography.

The RX100 is smaller than the GR, so it was more pocketable for me. I do sometimes carry the GR in a coat pocket, but it's uncomfortably snug in my jeans pockets.

However, there's no comparison between the GR and RX100, when it comes to the experience of shooting photos: the RX100 was slippery and awkward in my hand, even after adding the Franiec custom grip, but the GR was designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and it's possible to make adjustments to any or all of the GR's settings (and shoot) one-handed. The GR is the most comfortable-to-use, enjoyable camera I've ever experienced, by a long shot.

Also, the IQ of the GR is definitely superior to the RX100. You can see this for yourself by going to the DPR review of the GR and use the IQ comparison widget to pixel peep DPR's studio images for both cameras.

Here's a link to my Flickr GR set, which includes a few photos shot in low-light:

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