The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Good GOD, people! Enough with the utterly asinine belly aching about the Df. Buy it, don't buy it but please, by Odin's Beard, SHUT UP ABOUT IT. It's just another camera. It isn't a cure for cancer. It isn't a terrorist attack. It isn't anything of any significant consequence. Get a sense of perspective.

I swear. The infantilism of this country is embarrassing at times.

Last time I checked this was a forum to talk about gear. would it be better if all the posts were praising the DF?

if you don't like the thread then don't reply to it and it will disappear.

Discussing is one thing. I think you know that. What has been going on here is FAR beyond the innocent discussion you frame it as. Nice try though.


what is your problem. this has gone beyond innocent discussion? are you for real? Has it become sinister discussion? Your a piece of work. this is the first time i posted my opinion of the camera. Am i not entitled to my opinion?

your comment would be funny if it wasnt so paranoid

No but this incessant bellyaching about the camera, by people who have never even held it is not at all productive. This camera might be great for a lot of people but some of them won't even consider it now.

Really, do you think many of the posts about how people don't like it are at all useful? It's one thing to post an objective look at a product so people can make an informed decision but most of the posts here right now can be summarized as "I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!" Most of the complaining comes down to 2 things: 1. price, 2. it's not a D400. I think too many people think they're a snowflake, that they're special and what they want somehow matters to the rest of us. So no, unless you've held the camera, used it and have something useful to contribute, most of us don't care what you think about it.

The only reason I come here now is for amusement...

So what's wrong with that?... 

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