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Re: Shutter lag time

bigpigbig wrote:

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Thanks. What would really help me is some comment on shutter lag when using manual focus or with focus locked. That presumably would be pure shutter lag - separate from any residual focus issues. The X-E1 seems to do some sort of dance with the diaphragm before firing the shutter which causes this shutter lag. I recall that I read somewhere that a recent firmware upgrade fixed this with another Fuji camera - was it the X100 or X100S? If my recollection is accurate, then it would be odd for Fuji to put out a new camera without a fix like this. All the fast focussing in the world ain't going to help you if there is still shutter lag. (Although it is possible that part of what I'm attributing to shutter lag may be EVF lag, but if so that should be gone too.)


Did some testings on shutter lag. It is vitally non-existent now. I tried MF or pre-focus with shutter release half pressed and was able to capture the moment when I see it on the EVF.

But even I have instant pic review off, the EVF black out time is still too long. With MF engaged, the best I can do is about 2fps max.

So the next thing Fuji needs to improve is the EVF black out time. I think this can only happen if there is a separate CPU dedicated for the EVF while the other CPU works on processing the sensor data.

I also did some tests on face detect AF. It too is very good and gets me a proper exposure on my 4-yr old's face. But don't expect very precise AF with aperture wide open. With normal AF, I can point the AF box to his eye and get a sharper picture that way even when shooting at f=1.4.

Darn. I was hoping the EVF blackout would have gotten better (shorter).

A friend of mine uses a Sony mirrorless (not a very new one either) and the blackout is almost nonexistent. With the XE-1, if the subject is moving across the frame and I want to shoot a sequence, often after the first shot, I have lost the subject completely. I tried his Sony and at 8fps it was fast enough to track a runner perpendicular to the camera.

This is exactly my concern with X cameras. Even if the AF speed of the X-E2 makes it the fastest mirror-less in the world you still can't just 'gun' the thing while shooting a fast moving object/person/toddler hoping to 'capture the moment' much like with a DSLR+fast lens. You can do this reasonably well with the NEX-6. Although the JPEG IQ (to my eyes) of the Fuji is better than the NEX-6, the 35mm Fuji is better than the Sony 35mm by some margin (some say), it seems like the fact that Fuji 35mm is slower and noisier to operate than the Sony 35mm, and it is significantly larger/heavier. So there are trade-offs, but the EVF black-out is a deal-killer for me. Plus you can hand over the NEX to anyone and ask them to point and shoot like their smartphone. Tried that with the X100 before and got horrible results. I'm going to go ahead and buy the Sony 35mm and a wide-angle and long zoom eventually. For times when I have ample time to compose a shot, I will use the X100. Thank you for your help.

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