Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Re: Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Many have stated excellent reasons of the price point. But there may be a more important reason...

In addition to those excellent reasons Nikon also needs to fit a specific slot in their DSLR lineup that complements the whole line rather than takes sales away from existing products. So both the feature set and price of the new camera must be considered carefully in that wider context.

Slotting the Df between the D610 and the D800 is tricky because there isn't a lot of price and feature wiggle room between the two cameras. If the Df is below the D610 it would easily rob D610 sales (not what you want to do after a re-release of the D610). Higher than the D800 would pump up D800 sales, but would kill the Df sales as there is not enough value added to the Df to support that price point.

The Df versus D610/D800 feature issue is mitigated by the unique retro theme to a good degree and the Df price point is targeted midway between the D610 and D800 (or will be after the initial rush by first adopters subside and the Df price gets normalized).

That is about the only place the Df can reside unless Nikon pulls either the D610 or the D800 from their line, which would be ridiculous as they are generating good revenue streams right now.

Price is determined by how much the gullible customer will pay.  Here is relative price in UK:

D610  - £1,600

D800  - £1,800 (after cash back)

Df   -  £2,750 (with 50mm - no body only)

So £950 more than a D800 people have to decide if that is a good deal?

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