X-e2 focus tracking sequence

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Re: Looks like Randy is right...

Raist3d wrote:

newone757 wrote:

Randy Benter wrote:

When using continuous drive mode, Fuji cameras do not focus between shots like most DSLRs. Focus and exposure are locked at the first shot. In your example, the camera did not catch up, but the dog moved into the area of focus.

Incorrect (atleast on this camera). That is actually a new feature of the x-e2 and the 3fps burst mode, it refocuses for every shot

There is no mention in the manual of this feature. Neither does it show up in the Fuji marketing materials.

Do you have a link that talks about this? Seems like this only happens while you have the shutter half-pressed (per the manual).

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Here you go:

From dpreviews preview

"The 3fps Continuous Low mode will show live view between frames, and attempt to refocus on moving subjects, but only if the camera is set to continuous focus mode (otherwise it just replays recently-taken shots, like the high speed mode)."


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