The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: The trouble is

Josh152 wrote:

that from what I have seen of all people commenting and posting on the Df on DPR there are two groups of people who will never agree when it comes to the DF and which are the cause most of the arguing.

Those who fall in love with he retro look and old style control wheels whether from nostalgia or they just like it or it feels/looks like a real camera to them ect. These people don't care about the price/specs equation and just love the camera for it's retro design. They will defend against any criticism of the camera because they have such a strong emotional attachment to it.

Those who see cameras and the Df ans nothing more than another tool for taking photos and don't appreciate let alone share the stylistic and emotional reasons people want the Df. These people look at the specs, compare them to the D610 and D800, see the price of the Df and go, "WTF why would anyone spend so much on a striped down D610 just because it has a retro shell."

I'm afraid you have this seriously ALL WRONG. And to support your "side" you insist on avoiding the facts.

1) Some of us WANT the D4 sensor. It's superior to the D800 sensor starting at around ISO 3200. Spare me nonsense about what you can do with a D800 file in post. I own the D800. It's great. But my friend's D4 is better in low light RIGHT OUT OF THE CAMERA. Workflow is spared, files are smaller.

2) A smaller body is welcome. This is a far less intimidating machine to walk around with for the subjects. Perfect for street/candids and events.

3) The AF and Metering from the D610 are EXCELLENT. I have no idea how it suddenly became awful in a Df. The D610 works beautifully and the Af will likely be tweaked to work even better with the D4 sensor.

4) There are reports that the viewfinder and rear LCD are improved. If that is true then most of the Df detractors will really have to stand in the corner.

While I like the controls and such; it's certainly a better looking camera than any other FX camera, the features above are KEY in my reasons for adding it to my D800 kit.

I can't imagine why an actual photographer does not understand how any ONE of those points above don't make the Df an interesting camera. A second D800 just duplicates my existing performance. A D610 is BELOW my existing performance. The Df adds something. How hard is this to grasp?


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