Olympus profit - the cat is out of the bag (a little early)

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Nope, wishful thinking

Abrak wrote:

As I see it Olympus's digital imaging business is already far too small to continue as an independent entity. I wouldnt be surprised if once Oly finish rationalizing or closing its compact business, the mirrorless arm is absorbed by Sony.

There are several synergies for Sony. IS, processing and lens expertise to add to their business. Absorbing Oly's mirrorless will capture and ensure the continuation of Sony sensors sales. And most importantly there are US$500m a year of SG&A costs that can be rationalized when the business is absorbed into Sony's infrastructure.

"If Apple had shut down it's heavily loss-making PC business in 2000, it would never have been able to launch iPod, iTunes, iPad etc " said Tero Kuittinen....
Anyways I got lots of thoughts on Olympus imaging future direction, products and their latest financial slideshow...will come back to this in the next few days.

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