Why I don't care about if you buy the Df or not?

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Re: Why I don't care about if you buy the Df or not?

larrywilson wrote:

My camera is better than yours, my camera is better than yours!!!! I don't have a d800, and think the df is cool, but can't afford one with all the other camera stuff I have. All I can say is each to his/her own for what camera they want to buy. Any camera they buy will be obsolete 1 year after they buy it. It used to be a good mechanical camera and lens would last decades and still produce good slides or film prints. Now-days with all the electronics such as vr, lens motors, outdated sensors it is a throw away society. Unless a person takes a heck of a lot of pictures, the old film days is probably less expensive.


I agree with your thinking, but in at least my personal case "the old film days is probably less expensive" doesn't seem to be true.

In "the old film days" I bought Tri-X in 100 ft rolls and cut it into reusable cartridges, developed and printed myself.  That was what we could afford in those days and that was the cheapest way I knew  At the time I though I made a lot of photographs.  I don't have any recollection how many that might have been, but I probably ran though a half dozen 100 ft rolls in the course of a year.

I just looked back at my last trip to England and noted that I exposed around 500 shots per day.  (In color, not B & W )  At essentially zero cost unless you somehow count disk storage and equipment wear and tear. (and I guess pretend that my D3x didn't cost a bit more than my F Photomic )  For myself at least, these are certainly the good old days.

I'm also hoping that my gear addiction is abating a bit and I can go longer without lusting after the latest technology.  I seriously doubt buying a better camera is going to make up for my lack of talent, so maybe my current equipment will last.

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