The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: Without using it, who knows how close or not close Nikon came

Compelling features?

  • It offers the D4 sensor with its large 7.3μm pixel pitch
  • smaller, more manageable files more appropriate for high volume shooters much like the D700.
  • Better build quality and less generic, more unique design
  • smallest, lightest FF DSLR on the market
  • It offers a dedicated AF-ON button, one of the number one complaints of D600 owners
  • From the Camera Store and Bjorn Rorlsett preview, it apparently offers the best, most modern LiveView implementation of any Nikon DSLR
  • it offers a totally different philosophy than a typical DSLR like the D600 in the form of mechanical exposure dials
  • Better battery life
  • Quieter shutter than both D600 and D800

To each his own. I think it looks like it's going to be a great camera and I will buy one for sure. Since I already have a D800, the D610 is not so interesting to me. YMMV.

I hate it when I agree with Marike6, but he's right.

No apologists here. Just actual working photographers who see a range of applications where this camera is ideal. Why on EARTH would a D800 owner choose a D610 for a second body over a Df. Silliest thing of ever heard!


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