X-e2 focus tracking sequence

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Re: X-e2 focus tracking sequence

justin_time wrote:

Randy Benter wrote:

When using continuous drive mode, Fuji cameras do not focus between shots like most DSLRs. Focus and exposure are locked at the first shot. In your example, the camera did not catch up, but the dog moved into the area of focus.

The last 4 shots in sequence were all definitely tracked by the camera (ie I had shutter released down all time). If the camera had locked focus on the 1st shot, the dog would have been an unrecognisable blob when she was close up. So I think the X-E2 does track during sequence.

You posted 10 shots, but they are not all a single sequence. The shutter was released between shots 2 and 3. So you have an 8 shot sequence beginning with the 3rd image you posted. This is clear based on the time stamp in the EXIF data.

When I first looked at the sequence that starts with image 3, it seemed that the dog was out of focus beginning at the far distance, then came into focus at the near distance. But now, having looked at the sequence more closely it does appear that the camera changed the focus point during the sequence.

It seems Fuji failed to update the manual regarding this change. The X-E2 manual (like other X cameras) says this: "Focus and exposure are determined by the first frame in each series"

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