What if you had $5000?

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Seems you are asking two questions....

The first is what I would buy with $5,000 USD. The second is ideas for you in your situation with $5000.

For the first, if I was going to do only paid work with such events, I would consider a K-3 with lens assortment, an EM-1 with its m4/3rds kit lens, or a Panny GH3 with its high grade zooms.  If it's a mix of personal and paid (may very well do this with paid work) I would say the Fuji Xtrans system.

I would put more weight to the Panasonic if I felt I was going to be shooting video as it is the clear leader in video over anything else in its price range and above by several tiers.

For your self- well, what do you want to do? If you already have the SHG's and like them, it seems you should put weight to the EM-1 as you already have lenses.

PS: Saw your reply to Dave.

While I would agree many lenses on m4/3rds do not have the same bite or quality of the 4/3rds, there are some gems that do or at least imho, are close enough.  Looks like the e-m1 pro kit lens is pretty good.  Same with some of the high end Panasonic lenses.

Is the question more about "I want a full frame system? which?"  Does it have to be full frame?

If it has to be full frame, I would probably check the Nikon 610.  I would personally go Fuji Xtrans in that case as the lenses are excellent and so is the image quality. XE-2.  The K-3 is fantastic but I like smaller cameras thus my preference of the Fuji over the K-3 in this case.

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