The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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marike6 wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

Retro done right = Mirrorless in the hands of a snappy dressing 20 something.


Retro done right, indeed. I'm a Fujifilm X user and a fan of that system, but would anyone here take an X-Pro1 or X-E2 w/ a set of Fujinon primes over a Nikon Df with 3 high quality Nikkors? I know I wouldn't.

And I think any Df Preview that makes the case that the Fujifilm X cameras are "retro done right" while the Nikon Df is somehow lacking to the point of being "silly" is unduly harsh and frankly not worth the paper (or HTML file) it's written on.

Perhaps the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is better for attaching lady bug soft shutters and pricey braided leather straps, but from what I know about the Df, it is definitely not a better camera or a more well-thought approximation of a manual camera.

Really that's the conclusion I have to draw, "retro done right" according to DPR is a small camera that looks stylish by aping an old design but doesn't actually look to account for the difference between a mechanical manual focus film camera and an automated digital one with autofocus very well.

To be honest I think theres always been a tendency for reviews to go far too easy on the control systems of mirrorless cameras. Granted basic ones are probably going to be used like compacts on auto anyway but the more serious ones should be held to the same standards as DSLR's. Sony's new finger cramping shutter button on the A7 would be slaughtered on a DSLR for example.

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