Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Re: Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

jY h wrote:

Hello, I'm the very happy owner of a Nikon D600 and have no plans of buying a new camera. However, the Nikon DF did catch My eye. I love the retro styling. Why is the price of this camera so high? Its sensor has lower resolution than the D600, it has no video capability, and no built in flash. Why would someone pay several hundred dollars more than a D600/610 and get less capability? I suppose it all due to the styling? Am I missing something?

It is priced more either because it costs more to make (than a D610) or because Nikon thinks that the market for a camera like this will pay more or a combination of the two.  I would not be surprised if this D4 sensor costs more to make than the sensor in the D610.

In general, resolution has nothing to do with pricing (look at the $6000 D4). Video must have been removed purely as a statement about who this camera is marketed to. Removing it saves a tiny amount of cost (a button and a microphone), but that's fairly immaterial in this price range. I don't really know why it has no built-in flash. i would guess that it has something to do with the styling look they wanted to achieve or something related to the type of viewfinder they wanted to use.

As to why someone would pay more than a D610 for this camera, it would be a buyer that is either buying based on style/controls or one who wants the 16MP D4 sensor and its performance characteristics as those are the two defining characteristics of the camera. Time will tell if there are other major differences. The Df is also slightly smaller and lighter than the D610, though the weight is only 2oz different.

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