Sigma DP1M vs. Ricoh GR

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Re: Sigma DP1M vs. Ricoh GR

If you want the best image quality at ISO 100-200 and like to take your time when photographing, buy Sigma. The IQ is amazing, but not everything is about IQ.

If you want something that fits in your pocket, do better on high ISO, have a lot of custom features/options, three times the battery life, much better screen, suited for street photography and more, have built-in Auto ND filter, shutterspeeds from 300sec to 1/4000 and so on, choose Ricoh GR. It's the best all-around 28mm FoV camera out there, IMO.

I love them both(all).

Fast conversion in SPP

In-cam RAW development with Ricoh GR

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