Why I don't care about if you buy the Df or not?

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Re: Why I don't care about if you buy the Df or not?

olyflyer wrote:

Because I don't. It is up to you if you want it, or can afford it, just like it is up to you if you hate that camera or not. I couldn't care less.

I don't think people hate the camera, they hate what they consider as irrational arguments made to justify a position. Whenever somebody presents a line of reasoning that is based on a fundamentally different idea of things are than what you think they are, they implicitly say that you are not smart enough to understand who things really are. (And that works both ways.)

It's not the camera, it's being, implicitly, called stupid for not agreeing with a position (eg, "isn't it obvious that A would be so much better than B").

The problem is that in a lot of situations there is a position which is correct and one that is incorrect. But you cannot declare that position A is correct without insulting the person thinking B is correct as being stupid.

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