The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Other respected viewers including Barney of Df and Thom Hogan, have said, as I suspected from just looking at the spec: "As such, although I hate to say it: from a cold, hard practical point of view, I can't shake the feeling that the Df is a little bit... silly."

"Respected viewer including Barney of Df"? Huh? If you mean Barney of DPR, he didn't even have a production camera and didn't shoot a single image with the Df. All he did was made an extremely generous comparison with Fujifilm X-Pro1.

I've owned the X-Pro1 and it is FAR from perfect. To argue that the X-Pro1 is a proper implementation of a retro camera and the Df not is naive at best considering that the X-Pro1 uses focus-by-wire lenses instead of properly dampened MF lenses like AI Nikkors, the OVF on the X-Pro1 provides only 85% coverage and needs crop lines for every different lens, and it only has dials for shutter speed and EV comp, the rest requiring menu diving.

But if not being able to lock on any subjects that are moving or having shutter speed and EV comp dials but no ISO dial is "retro done right" then yes, the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is retro all right. Really retro.

I use the Fujifilm X-E1 and a D800, and it's frankly ridiculous to suggest that the Fuji is a proper retro implementation and the Df is "a bit silly". And both Df Previews, considering neither of them spent much time with or actually shot any actual images with the camera, it was unjustifiably harsh.

IMHO, considering had no ability to shoot any images with the pre-production Df the were given, their negativity speaks more to DPR's waning credibility than anything else.

Chris Niccolls from The Camera Store, who does great camera previews was extremely positive about the Df.

Retro done right = Mirrorless in the hands of a snappy dressing 20 something.


Retro done right, indeed.  I'm a Fujifilm X user and a fan of that system, but would anyone here take an X-Pro1 or X-E2 w/ a set of Fujinon primes over a Nikon Df with 3 high quality Nikkors?  I know I wouldn't.

And I think any Df Preview that makes the case that the Fujifilm X cameras are "retro done right" while the Nikon Df is somehow lacking to the point of being "silly" is unduly harsh and frankly not worth the paper (or HTML file) it's written on.  

Perhaps the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is better for attaching lady bug soft shutters and pricey braided leather straps, but from what I know about the Df, it is definitely not a better camera or a more well-thought approximation of a manual camera.

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