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Re: Digital split image

Elusivesouls wrote:

I have found the trick with the X-E1's focusing peaking so to use the LCD screen, not the EVF, as the LCD tends to show "the ants" more so than the EVF. They are far more visible on the LCD than the EVF.

The other trick I use is to set the camera to JPG+Raw and use a B&W film simulation. This will cause the image on the back of the LCD to be B&W when you view it to take the picture and also causes "the ants" to be far more visible than when using color.

You can then always use the in-camera RAW conversion to turn your image in to a different film simulation AND you always have the RAW to do it on the computer at home also.

So basically... LCD+B&W film simulation = Better Focus Peaking on the X-E1.

Try it out, it helped me.

I like the EVF better for studio work, this workaround you describe sounds a bit over the top to me, I cannot see me hold the X-E1 (or 2...) half a metre in front of me, like in the early days of digital P&S shooting with a longer lens attached and focus peaking.

I can only gather from your explanation that this technique you describe would be better than split screen?

Really? If that was the case then this "new" feature (split screen for manual focussing) must be really, really bad ...

Thanks for explaining what works for you, but I cannot see me use this ever! Imagine somebody in the Nikon/Canon/Sony camp reads this and tries to visualise as to what hoops you have to jump through to make manual focussing work ...

So your take on the X-E2 is that the split screen just a rather silly but non-workable feature - or were you only commenting on the X-E1?



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