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Re: Chris Niccolls is WRONG

Alpha Tech wrote:

marike6 wrote:

Chris Niccolls from The Camera Store does a proper Nikon Df video preview and seems very positive about the Df.


First of all, Chris is a salesman. He MUST like whatever product he covers in a video. He does this well, but he isn't going to tell you to not buy a camera because it is rubbish.

I've watched lots of Camera Store preview videos and the reviewer, Chris Niccolls is knowledgable and is never at all shy about telling users when he doesn't like a camera.  But I've never seen him give a preview of a pre-production camera where he flat out said "this camera is silly" or other such nonsense.

Secondly, did you actually WATCH this video? Chris pointed out that his team could not shoot with the Df because it was a preproduction model. It was nonfunctional, or for legal reasons his team was forbidden to shoot with it. Either way, this is not a proper video review! Just talking about a camera and not testing it is a PREVIEW.

He couldn't shoot with the Nikon Df, but it was able to demo the dials, and talk about the locking mechanisms (something DPR IMHO blew way out of proportion). Every other preview I've seen, none of the other reviewers had any issues at all with the locking dials, even one gentleman on YouTube who had large hands talks about how nice the dials feel. But Chris also demonstrated the LiveView implementation, the brand new two-axis spirit level. He talked about the AI coupling and Nikon's implementation of lens compatibility. He basically did everything BUT shoot images with the camera.

Why I say it was a "proper Preview" unlike DPRs is because it didn't carry with it a mirrorless bias and silly conclusions like the Fujifilm X system is "retro done right" and the Nikon is not.

Chris seems to be a DSLR person but he's also quite familiar with the latest mirrorless models and he doesn't seem to mince words. But even as a fan of Fujifilm X cameras, he was still able to discuss the Nikon Df by providing useful information to the viewer, without bias or overly negative, uncalled for criticism.

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