Why I don't care about if you buy the Df or not?

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Re: Why I don't care about if you buy the Df or not?

kenwj wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Because I don't. It is up to you if you want it, or can afford it, just like it is up to you if you hate that camera or not. I couldn't care less.

Thanks but no thanks.

No thanks for what? For nothing?

I would rather listen to the in-depth reviews and critiques from people who don't own one, have never even seen one up close let alone touched one and who spend more time over analyzing gear than taking photos.

Yes, do so if you are interested. Right now, not many have handled it but a lot of opinions are expressed about it.

Why do I prefer this? For the entertainment value and comedy relief.

Those Df threads aren't that much of entertainment. Most are just praise of this reviewer and that reviewer, or bashing of KR. None of them have handled the Df.

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