The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Disappointingly close

Kodachrome200 wrote:

So lots of folks have been calling the retro DF ill conceived but I dont think that is true. I think it was a staggeringly good idea they just forgot to include anything good about the idea in the actual camera.

What is disappointing to me is how brilliant the idea is and how close nikon came to a great camera but didn't

it is like your team making it to the championship and losing by one point from an obvious mistake, it hurts more

mounting old nikon glass and pairing it with the d4 sensor? Brilliant

not improving the focus aid, with at least >*< becoming >>>>>>>>>*<<<<<<< argh

a fusion design with dial for ISO brilliant - putting the ISO and exposure comp on left argh

the one stop shutter speed dial should have been removed and this is what the top should look like for a fusion camera

The price is what it is but it is disappointingly high compared with the d800, especially in europe

the rumor of a sub $2k dslr was very exciting and a stripped down less expensive version would have been better received

2fps, 9 point af, spot meter only, no hdmi, no usb, no side connections, fewer body buttons, no top lcd, no flash sync out, 36 frame buffer $1750 us

and the in you hands campaign very well done and then the kit lens doesn't have an aperture ring?

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