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Re: For teeny weeny delicate little hands .......

edispics wrote:

"They should have made the camera just as small as was possible. this camera is not the smallest and lightest full frame dslr on the market. It should have been."

Maybe for you. I hear this frequently, and I have no doubt that it makes sense for shooters who have small, delicate hands.

However, I am well over 6 feet and 200 pounds (yes, I know, tiny by US standards) with large hands and I have great difficulty handling smaller DSLRs comfortably. Half of my hands end up grabbing air and the remaining fingers are twisted into claw shapes trying to hold the camera and manipulate the controls. Tiny cameras just don't work for me, although I can clearly see that they would for those with teeny weeny little delicate hands. In my case, I gladly give up some weight and size for something that fits my hands well and is easy and comfortable to operate.

So when you make statements like the one above, please don't forget to add "in my case; may not apply to all".

I'm 6'3, 250 lbs. A lifetime of sailing and my hands are practically bear claws.

But I can operate a D800 or Canon S110 or Nikon P7700 with ease. And the actual dials of my old FM were VERY easy to use over teeny weeny buttons. The three easiest controls of my D800 are dials/wheels.

I cannot imagine how this will "suddenly" be harder with slightly larger Df. My thumb and forefinger are capable of turning a dial well enough even after 51 years.

Yes, we're all different. But Nikon did not take a scatter-gun approach with the Df. It's targeted. It's expensive. It's capable. It's not for everyone.

IF the Df finder and rear lcd are better than a D4/D800 (as claimed by Bjorn Rorslett) the Df will be a major hit for a niche camera. And that's the "if" I really want to know about.

Folks with the entry level D600/D610 love the fantasy that their camera is higher-end than the Df, but they don't understand why a pro would want the better handling camera. Then they get insulted when you try to explain it to them.

I had to do a set of portraits yesterday. I used the D800. It really is a big clumsy unbalanced camera at times. The Df would have been nice to use, especially with my smaller primes. It's just another tool. It's good looking as well. But just because my wife is good looking doesn't mean she's not great in bed and a hell of a cook!



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