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Re: Digital split image

a l b e r t wrote:

I never had an 100s so no idea what "the same" is ... sorry.

The reason why I am asking is that I find the focus peaking utterly useless on the X-E1. I can see the ants-brigade on some edges but find this not helpful when I use, say, a 105/2.5 Nikkor in manual mode, have tried to focus using the peaking, but get blurry images at best. Since I have used split screen in the past on Leicas and Voigtländer 35 cameras I was wondering whether this would work for me. At this stage it looks like I will have to go to a shotp and try this out for myself ...

Just wanted your opintion on this!



Search on Youtube, you should be able to find some videos on using the digital split image.

Frankly, I don't find it to be all that useful. It is because the split image is in black and white. So if you have subject that has low contrast or colors that turn out to have the same grey scale in the digital split, it'd be hard to to see the split as well. Also, if the subject has mostly horizontal contrast, you'll have to rotate the camera 90 degs in order to see the split. A more useful split would be something at 45 degs. I think it is up to the user to choose b/w focus peak and digital split to see which one works better on the subject.

As for focus peak, Fuji still hasn't implemented the use of different colors for the highlight. Also, they could use a stronger highlight for the focus peak. On my NEX-6, I use red as I don't see subjects with red in everyday shooting so it is far more easy to judge instead of white. The highlight is also stronger as well.

Another difficulty lies in using long focal length. There is no IBIS, and you'll see lots of handshake movements in the EVF especially when the focus area is blown up on a 105mm lens.

I have found the trick with the X-E1's focusing peaking so to use the LCD screen, not the EVF, as the LCD tends to show "the ants" more so than the EVF.  They are far more visible on the LCD than the EVF.

The other trick I use is to set the camera to JPG+Raw and use a B&W film simulation.  This will cause the image on the back of the LCD to be B&W when you view it to take the picture and also causes "the ants" to be far more visible than when using color.

You can then always use the in-camera RAW conversion to turn your image in to a different film simulation AND you always have the RAW to do it on the computer at home also.

So basically... LCD+B&W film simulation = Better Focus Peaking on the X-E1.

Try it out, it helped me.

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