Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR

Using myself as my guide, a big part of the enjoyment from photography comes before you trip the shutter. Seeing the scene in the viewfinder sometimes produces a memory so sharp that you really don't need to ever see the finished product.  And then there is the time before when you imagine what you are going to do. The buildup to the shot would be wasted on an EVF.

If all you want is a record of a moment that you can share with people, and if the event is the only thing that matters, you certainly don't need an expensive mirrorless camera. We all have cell phones.

I'm sure that some people actually enjoy something about using a mirrorless camera, but I have to say I have not stumbled upon that circumstance myself. I like SLR cameras, specifically full frame Nikon SLR cameras. There was never a huge market for these cameras because they have always been expensive, and they can be cumbersome. The growth in photography interest, more than anything else, is coming in cell phones. They are getting better and better, and that is the way most younger people are going.

So the EVF/TTL argument might be moot. All of these cameras combined don't scratch cell phone sales. The real competition for cell phones is tablets. Think about it. Those things have up to a 10 inch EVF. They are thin and light, and you can carry them just about anywhere.

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