The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: Chris Niccolls from The Camera Store seems to like it...

raztec wrote:

Other respected viewers including Barney of Df and Thom Hogan, have said, as I suspected from just looking at the spec: "As such, although I hate to say it: from a cold, hard practical point of view, I can't shake the feeling that the Df is a little bit... silly."

Oh. Well that the D610 is even sillier. Sub-par build quality, less IQ at high ISO than any other FX camera, uncomfortable and cheap feeling handling. Can anyone POSSIBLY explain what a D610 would add to my D800 kit as a second body? Frankly a D5300 with it's 24 MP DX sensor without an AA makes MUCH more sense as a 2nd body because it ADDS something different to my kit. D610? Not so much.

Somehow the spec junky gear heads just can't (won't) accept that photographic tools are about versatility.

Now if someone with a D800 wants another great option for a second body....

The Df adds SMALLEST FX DSLR, as pointed out by testers it feels NOTICEABLY smaller than D610.

The Df adds best high ISO range. Yeah, I shoot that high at times and do crazy PP on the D800, while a Df outputs wonderful files at higher ISO with less or no PP.

The Df adds terrific handling, at least thats what some are saying. We'll have to decide.

The Df adds superior VF. We'll know more about this soon.

The Df adds manual retro dials. I like 'em and will probably enjoy them.

Now tell us what a D610 or another D800 will add to my kit? Oh. Yeah. Nada!

Sorry, but ALL of the Nikon lineup is excellent. I already own the D800. A D5200 or D5300 adds more than a D610, but the Df is even more useful to me.

Some of use shoot every day. Handling is a HUGE factor as is shooting at ISO 6400 and above.

0.7 over 6400. Location shot for a film project. One of over 300 high ISO shots that day where there little time for PP and a Df would have been the better tool.

The Df makes sense for some of us and it was not designed to appeal to everyone.


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