Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Better shooting experience vs portability

marike6 wrote:

The big innovation, to put it generously, of mirrorless is making cameras a bit smaller. But it's up to the photographer to say if smaller is actually better. Many times smaller means less ergonomic with more fiddly controls, many of which are relegated to the LCD.

While I agree with the premise - is bigger better? Look at phones, they went tiny & now they keep getting bigger = only time will tell.

On the other hand the biggest thing mirrorless brings to the table is speed. The J3 can do 15fps with focus, and goes as high as 60. The V1 with it's dual processors does 10fps focused and out shoot any DSLR on the market in good light.

Electronics can & will get much faster.........mechanical? Not so much.

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