Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR

Leif Goodwin wrote:

Most if not all of that article is pretty old hat..

A Canon EOS M with 22mm lens would do me for general snaps. I only wish there was a Nikon equivalent. I think this could satisfy the needs of most people, with a zoom or two. It might not satisfy their desires though.

For hobby photography I still want a DSLR.


I only skimmed through the article . . . kinda tired of all this mirrorless vs dSLR . . . why can't they co-exist? For me right now . . . because of the autofocus speed and tracking capability . . . I want to have a dSLR. I've got a mirrorless as well . . . but often it cannot keep up with what I want to capture . . . so I like having the option to grab more power when I need it . . .

Sure . . . when they solve the speed issue without the mirror I'll take one! <grin>

And then we'll all be arguing about getting rid of the physical shutter. [hopefully] <grin>

Anyway . . .

He goes on to list a whole bunch of options . . . but doesn't list a Canon EOS M type Nikon camera. Sorta like a Nikon 1 with bigger sensor. The Nikon 1 series is smaller(ish), shorter flange distance, has on-sensor phase detection, and adapter to use DX or FX lenses . . . Make one that has a DX or FX size sensor . . . that is an option as well . . .

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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