Olympus profit - the cat is out of the bag (a little early)

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Re: just fan boys going at it, which is good!

Kim Letkeman wrote:

tron555 wrote:


I like the GX7, but I still find the images from the E-M5 look a bit sharper with slightly more detail.

Silly statement. Both can be tweaked to a huge extent. And then there is RAW for the enthusiasts who want real control.

No... it was not a “silly statement”, it’s what is called a personal observation or opinion! You need to understand the difference between the two as you seem to feel only your opinion is the correct one.

I wonder if there will be a new and improved (slightly smaller/lighter/cheaper) E-M6 out early next year. I would like a weather sealed camera with 5-axis IBIS, but with better ergonomics (better grip) than the E-M5 has.

I thought the EM1 was that body ...

Since the E-M1 is ‘obviously’ NOT smaller, lighter or cheaper than the E-M5, you should really consider taking some reading comprehension classes "or" only know what you are talking about.

A new 'shutter shock' proof shutter would also be a nice feature, (not that everyone is having major problems with it on all lenses), but it would be a nice new feature.

The G5, GH3, G6, GX7 and GM1 all have one of those. Go figure ...

Let me rephrase the question for you since you apparently did not understand my statement, “Without needing to switch back and forth between and electronic shutter and mechanical shutter”. That switching back and forth is kind of a Mickey Mouse/work around solution until they figure out the SS issue and resolve it one and for all. I feel the old mechanical shutter should become obsolete and a new Global Electronic Shutter should replace it next year, IMO.

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