Mirrorless vs DSLR

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Re: Mirrorless vs DSLR

Stevo --

i generally agree with your points -- excepting (ultimate) price -- but would like to mention a different aspect of this question that, as yet, i haven't seen discussed. That is, specifically, how does sensor format/size/diagonal influence the discussion.

No one would suspect that SLRs are efficient for 1/2.3 digicam sensors; in theory they could be made (the optics would be more challenging than the mechanics) but who would wish to use the OVF? So really we are talking about APS to FF sensor sizes and if improvements in sensor and optical quality make those sizes no longer competitive / useful compared to smaller alternatives then we are in a mirrorless world. Clearly.

So the real question in play is will mirrorless take over in those sensor sizes. For FF i sorta doubt it, but that comports with my view of FF's market role. it will never again be mass market; it is phyisically too heavy (and costly) relative to increase in quality as seen by soccer moms and vactioners.

The price sensitive APS/DX market will go that way it seems to me; all those entry level inter-changeable lens cameras in costco will be mirrorless soon i suspect.

So we are talking serious photogs of one stripe or another. The flange distance issue for the SLR is -- save focal lengths less than that distance -- minor or irrelevant (which means weight and bulk). Cost (which as i've said, will ultimately be present due to parts count) differences are even now a small fraction of any difference.

So we really are talking preferences / attributes of the VF. Maybe hybrids will know our socks off, but it still means an oVF. But dropping the oVF just seems awfully arbitrary unless EVFs become truly stunning. Yet for a generation rangefinder advocates quoted Capa's "the decisive moment" as the reason SLRs weren't good enough. So stranger things have happened.

But even true 'hd' EVFs with 60 hertz refreshes and no contrast issues would not be enough for me . . . 4k maybe . . .

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