Why I don't care about if you buy the Df or not?

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Gee, why do some people feel they need to harass for no reason.

Kali108 wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

Because I don't. It is up to you if you want it, or can afford it, just like it is up to you if you hate that camera or not. I couldn't care less.

I hope your other 21,144 posts are more substantive than this one.

Seems like you have some catching up to do.

Go take a nap, no one is attacking your choices and no one needed to be reminded that we have the freewill to purchase the camera or not.

Thanks for the advice.

Your narcissism is stunning.

...and so is your lack of humor as well as your "ability" to judge people you don't know, nor do you care about.

Kali, I will never understand what people like you do on an open forum. I guess you get a kick out of personal attacks and harassment. Relax.

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