The worst thing about the DF is the Disappointment

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Re: If the Nikon Df were a car.......

Sunnyjim wrote:

what would it be. I think maybe a Plymouth Prowler. I like the camera a lot and all of the manual controls. However, I'm interested in it as a second camera, not my primary commuter.

My first SLR was a Honeywell Pentax, with manual controls, and yes, this camera would let me re-live that experience.

Oh yeah, compared to all of the other retro cameras out there, the Df has a lot of class, but will wait to see how it performs.

Would love to see the price come down, but Nikon doesn't seem to discount very much especially if the production run is the Prowler.

Pentax!!! I had a K1000, but would have LOVED  to get my hands on a 6x7 

But I was at school then, was out of my price range.....which was .. almost nothing.. 

I do think the price will come down on the Df. however, simply so much competition out there.

Heck, refurb D800's can be had for about 2,250, that is a large discount even for a refurb. A couple years aback, D300s refurbs sold for not too much less than the new price c(about 1,350 vs 1700).

So, 2250 vs 2.800 is  a bit more of a cut. And more cameras have recently been released for all manufacturers.

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