Mirrorless vs DSLR

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What is your opinion?

My opinion is that the linked article is a steaming pile of manure.

His "disadvantage" list for DSLRs is a joke, basically consisting of size/weight/"bulk" "issues," which aren't "issues" at all. Many prefer the size and form factor of a DSLR, and aren't looking for tiny little camera bodies, in particular with bigger formats where the lenses would make the combination with a smaller/thinner camera body front heavy, awkward and uncomfortable to handle. The other "issues" are the seemingly (in the author's mind) "insurmountable" obstacles of making the mirror mechanism and autofocus mechanism function, which camera makers have been doing for decades without any difficulty. Others are just LOL stupidity - frame rate limitations?! Seriously?! My 2007 D3 does up to 9fps. A D4 does 11 fps. At those speeds you get images just about indistinguishable from one another. Such speeds are way beyond what is really necessary for most photography, and DSLRs are in no way "limiting" photographers in this area. "Imagine the DSLR mechanism at 15-20 fps" - who the f%#k needs 15-20 fps?!

The soft-pedaling of mirrorless DISadvantages is also a joke. The general theme about EVFs in the article is "yeah they suck now, but in the future they'll be really swell!" Even after they "improve," they still won't be as good as an optical view finder, and they'll still cause eye strain (because ALL screens flicker) and suck up the camera's battery life. You can reduce the amount of flicker and battery consumption, but you cannot eliminate those issues, neither of which are issues for DSLRs.

The SLR is the best variety of camera ever designed. No other camera allows the photographer to see what is being photographed, live, real time, through the taking lens. "Inherent flaws and limitations," my a$$!!

Mirrorless remains a solution looking for a problem.

Again I think the issue here is that DSLR's and mirrorless aren't in nearly as much competision as the hype makes out.

Obviously some mirrorless models offer performance/handling more akin to a mid level DSLR but the massive bulk of mirrorless sales are ultra small bodies with an interface like an advanced compact. They obviously appeal to either users who don't value advanced controls, a better grip and a viewfinder or want a second body without them. If mirrorless were eating DSLR sales up for most of its growth then why has that growth stalled? if on the other hand mirrorless was targeting a new market then you'd expect the growth to stall as it matured.

Another issue is I'd say that mirrorless is now getting much more competision in the "super compact" market from fixed lens cameras. You look back 2-3 years and advanced compacts were pretty limited 1/1.7 inch sensors had been the largest on offer for years and all that seemed to be happening was zoom range and MP were getting higher. More recently though were seeing larger sensors and faster lenses in compact bodies that I'd argue will always have a size advantage.

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