OMD-EM5 Included flash as controller of FL-50R/FL600R

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PlaKen New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Yes.

lazy3yed wrote:

Yup, I have tried RC mode with the E-M5 and FL36R. The command flashes from the on-camera flash does not affect the image, even at close range (was using "macro" mode on the 12-50).

dotborg wrote:

Just like the built-in flashes of the PEN cameras, it can trigger a (compatible) remote flash without it's own emission showing up in the image. It's able to do this because the pulses that setup and fire the remote flash happen before the shutter opens.


I've been trying to use my FL-36R as remote flash with the "kit" flash as the trigger but can't seem to get it working. I've set the RC mode = ON, FL-36R is set to rc mode (i've also tried the slave flash) mode.

May I know:

Exact camera settings, flash mode etc to get this working?

The FL-36r is in line of sight of the camera flash.

Thank you.

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