APS-C e-mount lens future. Thoughts?

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Re: APS-C e-mount lens future. Thoughts?

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Don't listen to this guy. There is absolutely no reason to assume Sony will not make any more APS-C E-mount cameras. They will continue so just like other camera manufacturers.

I didn't want to start a riot and was really trying to get opinion on future Sony full frame camera capabilities. So let me try again:

Does anyone think that the technology will improve to the point we could re-use APS-C e-mount lenses on full frame cameras at a reasonable resolution? I can't imagine these lenses will become obsolete and am counting on Sony producing at least more decent APS-C bodies to go along with them. R&D is done and some of the lenses are very good.

That you get what appears to be a critically low pixel count using APS-C lenses is actually by design and not a flaw in the technology. One of the main advantages to larger sensors is that you don't have to pack pixels so tightly onto them, and while I won't get into the math of why, one of the results is better low light capabilities. Sony certainly has the technology to create a 48MP full frame sensor which would increase the pixel count when using APS-C lenses, but most people wouldn't want to deal with the files that such a sensor would produce. On full frame, 24MP seems to be the sweet spot between resolution and file size.

The 'cropped' 10MP image on my 24MP Full Frame A900 is no where as good as the images from the then contemporary 10MP APS-C sensors

Got any examples of this because that doesn't make sense.

The reason is quite simply that FF sensors are harder to make than APS-C sensors and so the compromises in their design and production necessary to get the necessary production yields reults in a reduction in 'pixel-level' (for want of a better word) IQ

Bigger pixels are a good thing. Read up on the size of the D4's pixels to find out why.

I haven't mentioned this point before because I feel I'm fighting on enough fronts here without sufferring enraged fanboys screaming at me for suggesting their beloved Zeiss 24/1.8 won't work optimally on the latest A7 wet-dream machine

I'm not a fanboy, don't own the 24/1.8 and have no intention of getting an A7 or A7R, and certainly don't know how this has anything to do with my simple statement that cropping a 24MP sensor FF sensor image into a 10MP APS-C image is by design.

I don't think we can say that 24MP is 'a sweet spot' for FF sensors as there are so many other techniques and technologies possible. The Nokia 'pixel-binning' 40MP phone sensor shows what a high MP sensor is theoretically capable of achieving whereas the SAR Sony Marketing A7 publicity tool website made some oblique references to a 'new sensor technology to be released in a camera in 2014'

My reasoning for a 24MP sweet spot has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with the average photographer balancing the need for higher resolution versus dealing with enormous files. I thought I made that clear.

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